DNC Delegates on Hillary: 'She Could Be Worse'

Sanders delegates sound off on Clinton

FOXBusiness.com’s Jade Scipioni talks to Bernie Sanders delegates on why they aren’t supporting Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders kept his promise when he said that he would support the Democratic nominee no matter what even despite his supporters’ wishes.

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"She could be a lot worse," Bob Aagard, a Utah Sanders delegate tells FOXBusiness.com.

Jennifer Lester, a Sanders delegate from Virginia says Bernie Sanders could have done what Senator Ted Cruz did at the Republican National Convention last week when he urged voters to "vote with their conscience."

“He said he would support the eventual nominee. He made that promise he kept that promise, but Ted Cruz promised he would support the Republican nominee and didn’t. And there are a lot of folks that make those promises and don’t keep them.”

Bernie delegates say trust is the biggest factor that they struggle with in regards to Hillary Clinton.

“I am hoping that she will keep some of the promises she’s making at this Convention. I don’t know if she will” says Lester.

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