Democrats have no strategy to beat Trump: Kennedy

In less than a year, all the presidential hopefuls will have declared their candidacies, so that means, like it or not, the race has already begun.

In 2016, all the elements were ripe for an unorthodox, protocol-destroying outsider to eke out a win from the establishment in both parties. In the final weeks of the election, there were dire predictions as to what a Trump presidency might bring, and irrational analysts were giving in to fits of hysteria and conspiracy theorism that had President Trump bringing about economic ruin, instant world war, and locusts.

It has been a mixed bag, never boring and always exhausting, but with no heir apparent in the Democratic wings to snatch the scepter, it has devolved into a crowded, mostly female field that is doing a poor job imitating Trump.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) can all taste the nomination, and they don't realize doing a bad impression of someone they hate is not the same as coming up with a winning strategy to take the crown. The Supreme Court opening leaves room for sky-is-falling social media pronouncements and campaign donation groveling, but people on the fence keep looking up to an intact sky and an improving economy. They also see past the pro-abortion crowd's positive spin that the procedure is somehow an incidental and harmless act of empowered feminism, and they know the Supreme Court does more than sit around trying to figure out how to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Just ask former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former 2016 presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) where a Trump impression got them, because it sure as heck wasn't in the White House.

When Kirsten Gillibrand tweets, "I know how hard things feel now, but we've faced challenges before and overcome them. If you keep fighting for justice we will win. If you do the work and keep believing we will win."

It's obvious this phony baloney superman pseudo positive nonsense not only says nothing, its emptiness betrays a lack of strategy or vision. The only way the press will pay attention to this race is when the women in the hunt turn their arrows on each other and it turns into a catfight bloodbath. That is predictable, ordinary and sad, and also a recipe for defeat.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (Kennedy) joined FOX Business Network (FBN) as a contributor in 2012 and is the host of the primetime program, "Kennedy", which airs Monday through Thursday at 8PM/ET on the FOX Business Network.