Trump should nominate Mike Lee for the Supreme Court: Kennedy

The despondent left is bracing for more sadness as President Trump weighs through his potential Supreme Court picks to fill Justice Kennedy’s swing robe.

There is no more divisive wedge than abortion, and even though there have been assurances the overturning of Roe v. Wade will not be a litmus test, it is still cause for panic among donkeys.

Everyone talks a big abortion game, but no one is going for a mulligan on this one. Even the most ardent Evangelicals know there are different ways to deliver this parcel and with so much at stake on the high court - and liberty in the balance - this issue is better fought in the emotional and cultural confines of social media and church socials.

So who is on the president's short list? A bunch of middle-aged federal judges whose nuanced opinions have to be parsed for deeper meaning and future application. Which is almost impossible. All you have to do is sell yourself as thoughtful and just east of moderate and you're in! At least in normal times, but we all know now nothing is normal.

Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are such RINOs they could be hunted in Africa. They could tank anyone's nom who's to the right of Bernie Sanders, and they love the attention and power, so they just might.

The president should do away with all this drama and instead nominate the most consistently constitutional fella on the dance card, and that is liberty loving Utah senator Mike Lee. He's young, bright and an originalist through and through, and he would opine on the right side of surveillance, guns and criminal justice. He believes in shrinking the federal government, and understands implicitly the importance of separation of powers. His lack of judicial experience speaks to his interestingness, and being an affable senator who's more driven by philosophy than party he's bound to get a few Democrat bones thrown his way.

Mike Lee is the best and only way to go, and his curiosity, age and work ethic mean he will shape the court positively for decades. He's low on the list for the high court, but the president and his legacy will be well served by appointing such a humble steward of freedom.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (Kennedy) joined FOX Business Network (FBN) as a contributor in 2012 and is the host of the primetime program, "Kennedy", which airs Monday through Thursday at 8PM/ET on the Fox Business Network.