Democrats could have prevented 90% of leaks: Report

Democrats could have prevented publishing embarrassing emails during the 2016 election, The Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak told FOX Business’ “Varney & Co.” on Wednesday.

Hackers released a collection of 20,000 emails stolen from the servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC),  which included emails from key DNC staff members and also suggested party leadership rigged the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. According to Rosiak, however, 90% of what was leaked could have could have been stopped.

“They could have done what any normal person does when they become the victim of a serious crime and go right to the cops—the FBI wanted help—they would not let the FBI see these servers. Most of the emails were written after the DNC already realized that they had been hacked,” Rosiak told Stuart Varney.

Instead, private cyber investigators were hired to examine what Democrats pegged to be an “assault” on democracy, Rosiak said.

“If this is so serious then why was your reaction at the time when Donna Brazile called so casual – ‘we just don’t know.’ But they were just casual about the whole thing, this is revisionist history after the fact to say this is such a big deal and they responded like their hair was on fire — when it happened they didn’t care,” he said.

Though it’s unclear whether the DNC was trying to cover up other emails, Rosiak suspects gross negligence or “there’s something whole different going on here that they are not telling us about.”

“This notion that Russia, it’s serious, they’ve been responding swiftly – Debbie Wasserman Schultz was told by the Capitol police after the DNC leak that her congressional IT guy was a suspect in the hacking and she didn’t fire him,” he said and added “none of it makes any sense.”

Wasserman Schultz resigned from her DNC post after leaked emails showed bias against Hillary Clinton’s presidential contender Bernie Sanders.

In an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday, current DNC Chairman Tom Perez pushed back on claims that he hired a private company over the FBI in order to hide files.