Democrats blame Trump's tax for hurting residents, but ignore their high-tax rates

Democrats from high-tax states, such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, continue to blame President Trump's tax policies for hurting their residents by capping state and local tax deductions (SALT).

However, new analysis indicate that a majority of the residents in the high tax states weren't benefiting from these SALT deductions from the start.

A concern for many of these Democrat-led states is the exodus of its residents to states such as Florida, Texas, or Ohio, all of which boast a low-tax rate for their citizens.

“I am very appreciative of Cuomo, and [Illinois Gov. J.B.] Pritzker, and [Dannel] Malloy when he was governor of Connecticut. I would send them thank you notes. 'Raise your taxes. Increase regulation.' Because we'll get more people to move to our state and we'll grow our economy and you'll lose yours,” Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) said on FOX Business' “Bulls & Bears” Tuesday.

Scott does say there is a simple solution for Democrats to stop losing residents from their states.


"We added 1.7 million jobs as we kept cutting taxes and we controlled the size of government,” he said. “New York's taxes are almost double [Florida's] and we are bigger, as far as number of people than New York. That's how inefficient they are.”

Still, some say the remove of the SALT levies unfairly hurts large Democratic states burdening them with unfairly hefty subsidies.