Democrats' 2020 campaign is an endless series of tax hikes: Varney

Here we go again: Another tax hike proposal from the Democrats.

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Rep. John Larson chairs the Social Security subcommittee in the House and he wants to raise Social Security taxes. The hike is aimed at the rich, or who the left defines as "the rich."

Any kind of tax you pay, the Democrats want to raise it. Here's a short list: Sen. Sanders wants a death tax hike and a big one. Try to leave a couple of million for the grandkids, and Bernie will take 45 percent. Ah, these filthy rich grandparents.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who seems to be the new Democratic Party leader, would double the top tax rate on income. Presidential candidate Julian Castro’s on board with that, too.

So, Social Security taxes, up; estate taxes, up; income taxes, up.

And here's a new one: Sen. Warren wants a wealth tax.

The Democrats' 2020 campaign is an endless series of tax hikes. Massive tax hikes, with massive new spending. Tax and spend on steroids.

Step back a minute. Look at the economy now, after big tax cuts! The rate of growth has doubled. The job market is as strong as it’s been in a generation. Inflation isn't a problem and interest rates remain low. Oh, and wages are rising at the best rate in a decade.


And the Democrats just can't stand it. A) They hate Trump and can't tolerate any success. Even prosperity is bad if it’s this president that engineered it. And B) they resent wealth. And if you've got it, they want it, and they think that taking it off you brings them votes.

We've seen this pattern in previous elections. But never have we seen such massive tax hike proposals precisely at the time when tax cuts are working so well!