US needs Trump to win on border wall, China trade: Varney

Two big issues: Border security and China trade. The president needs a win on both. So does America.

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First, the border: The crisis must be dealt with. The border must be secured.

This week, a truck driving into Arizona from Mexico was found to have 250 pounds of fentanyl on board. That’s overdose fuel. It could have killed Americans.  As the president says, the flow of drugs must be stopped.

Also this week, the latest migrant caravan: Now more than 12,000 strong. Fox has video of migrants fighting to get on buses to bring them closer to our border. Other caravans forming. Our open border, and the Democrats' refusal to even talk about a wall, is an invitation: Try your luck, why don't ya? Just put one foot on American soil and the Democrats will make sure you never leave.

The president needs to win this, and I think he will. Speaker Pelosi’s "no wall no deal for dreamers” looks increasingly like Trump-hating intransigence. I don't think the country supports that.

As for China trade, well, looks like the two sides are clearing the decks for a summit between President Trump and China's Xi Jinping. And that in itself is promising. China's commitment to buy 5 million tons of American soybeans is a good start to re-dressing the trade imbalance. News today that China's factory output declined for the second month in a row, bad news for Beijing. It means America has leverage.

Reading the tea-leaves, it looks good for an eventual deal.


For a while, at the end of last year, it looked like the president was in a lot of political trouble.

Now, on this first day of February, the signs are positive on border security and China trade: Good for Trump. Good for America.