Democratic socialists’ growth plan a ‘nothing burger’: Varney

For some time, we’ve been asking: Where is the Democrats’ growth plan? It does exist, but it just doesn’t amount to much.

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Steny Hoyer is the No. 2 Democrat in the House, right behind Nancy Pelosi. He’s been touring the country, pushing the “Make it in America” plan. Here it is: government run skills training for young job seekers. More affordable health insurance. Big infrastructure spending. Roll back some of the tax breaks for businesses.

I don’t see anything new. I don’t see anything dynamic. And I don’t see those policies having much appeal to voters after all, with the Trump growth plan in place. America is enjoying 4% growth, rising wages and record-low unemployment. How would Rep. Hoyer’s “Make it in America” plan add to that? It wouldn’t. It would slow it down. Tax and spend does not produce much growth!

In fact, this middle-of-the-road, non-plan, has been completely overshadowed by the free college, Medicare-for-all and free money plan pushed by the socialist left. That’s what’s attracted all the attention. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have stolen the show, and pushed the old-guard – Hoyer/Pelosi/Schumer – into the background.

The point is: both plans are non-starters. Neither will produce anything like 4% growth.

So now there are two wings of the Democrat Party. Old-fashioned socialists and old-fashioned tax and spenders. A disaster and a “nothing burger.”

How do you go to the country with either plan, when the economy is booming?