Protesters shout, disrupt throughout debate during night 2

From the start of second Democratic debate, audience members were rowdy, causing interruption and spectacle from the crowd.

During opening statements, Cory Booker was forced to wait for protesters in the audience to quiet down. But just were they saying?

From the videos, people are speculating the protesters are saying “Fire Pantaleo.” Pantaleo, the officer involved with Eric Garner’s death, is still employed by the NYPD. For so many candidates standing for criminal justice reform, people in the crowd were demanding action.

The five protesters were later carried off by security as seen from people posting on Twitter. They were interviewed by Fox's Associate Producer Andrew Keiper. Among them was Linda Sarsour, a well-known Palestinian-American activist from New York. The other protesters were Mysonne Linen, Rev. Kirsten, John Foy, Tamika Mallory, Angelo Pinto.

They said Detroit Police came after their quick outburst during De Blasio's statement and were forcibly removed during Booker's statement.

Later in the debate, protesters continued shouting about their outrage with deportations while former Vice President Joe Biden could answer a question on the topic.

There are also reports that a local police union is protesting Bill de Blasio outside the Democratic debate venue in the Motor City Wednesday.

The prior night, Sen. Bernie Sanders was criticized for his peers for his coarse behavior. After several impassioned bursts, the Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan told Sanders “You don’t have to yell.”

This has now trended as a hashtag as a stalwart for Ryan’s level-headedness – while simultaneously evolving into a lovable Bernie-ism.

Democratic hopefuls continued to rally around the issues at the forefront of this race – healthcare reform and working class tax concerns.