Daughter of American imprisoned in Venezuela: Father has been without food for three days

The daughter of an American imprisoned in Venezuela details the inhumane conditions that her father has endured for nearly two years.

“They would not be able to survive on the less than 500 calories a day of carbs that is provided in this basement." Aliro Zambrano's daughter, Alexandra Forseth, told “Trish Regan Primetime.” “We had to get doctor's orders to give them food.”

Zambrano, a former executive of Citgo Petroleum, has been detained in a Venezuelan prison without due process along with four other American citizens and one U.S. green card holder. Along with Zambrano, also detained are Citgo’s former vice president for refining Tomeu Vadell, former vice president for supply Jorge Toledo, former vice president for shared services Jose Luis Zambrano, and former head of public affairs Gustavo Cardenas.

The men were imprisoned by Venezuelan authorities during a business trip to Caracas and have been held since November 21, 2017.

The situation has grown even direr due to the country’s economic collapse and a deteriorating relationship between the Trump administration and embattled President Nicolás Maduro. Parts of Venezuela has suffered from blackouts spanning more than a week which has led to chaos across the country, hospitals closing and citizens struggling to find basic necessities.


Forseth said that her family has had to send money to the Venezuelan prison holding her father in order to get him properly fed. She says that Zambrano and the other prisoners have lost more than fifty pounds during their detainment.

“The new guards said you can't bring them food. So we were terrified all weekend. It's been like a living hell for us the past week and for millions of Venezuelans.”

Citgo is Venezuela’s most important foreign asset and a U.S. subsidiary of PDVSA, which has been run by the Venezuelan government since the 1980s.