Cyber threat to America’s nuclear facilities is real: Rick Perry

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a report alleging hackers are targeting key parts of America’s infrastructure including nuclear power facilities. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry responded to the report, telling the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, “Well, obviously it’s real, it’s ongoing and we shouldn’t be surprised.”

According to Perry, the government doesn’t know yet if it is state-sponsored or individual cyber criminals.

“These different groups, they may be state-sponsored, they may just be people who are criminal elements involved with trying to penetrate into certain areas.”

Perry says the Department of Energy has the authority and resources to protect America’s energy infrastructure, adding that it has been working for a long time to safeguard the grid from potential cyber threats.

“The Idaho National Lab has a full out grid in Idaho where we work on infesting, if you will, a grid to see…how you detect, how you protect. That’s the goal, that’s the charge we have at the Department of Energy.”

Perry reassured the American people they were working tirelessly to protect their data as well as America’s electrical system.

“I want Americans to feel very comfortable that we are doing everything possible to be able to protect their information, but more importantly to be able to protect the electrical grid from those that would try to penetrate in and to do harm.”