Conservative Move helps families escape blue states

Paul Chabot, founder of, is helping conservative families in blue states relocate to more conservative states such as Texas.  But the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, said he disapproved, asking Chabot, “The Republicans, how are they ever going to win in a place like California or New York state, if all the conservatives move to Texas where they’re already winning?”

“Well, I think that would make it quite difficult Stuart, you are quite correct on that assumption,” Chabot responded.

Chabot then explained the reasons behind his own family’s decision to make the move to Texas.

“California is no longer the same state that we were raised in, crime is out of control, taxes, lack of good paying jobs, illegal immigration [is] a major problem.  And so we just decided it’s no longer a place we want to raise our family.”

According to Chabot, the idea for Conservative Move came from his family’s going away party.

“This idea of Conservative Move sort of came about as an accident.  At our going away party, we noticed a lot of people asked us about moving to Texas as well.”

Though Chabot says it is a company looking to be profitable, he also hopes Conservative Move will lead to a discussion on the key building blocks of a good community.

“We want people to have a broader conversation about what makes up a good community….great schools, great jobs, low crime, those things don’t exist in the liberal bastions of California where we escaped from.”

Though the company originally focused on California, Chabot says they are receiving interest from families across the country.

“We now have families from 40 different states looking at our corporation to help them.