Congress needs be as productive as the average American: Sen. Luther Strange

As Democrats continue to delay and obstruct the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s nominees, the GOP is bolstering its own strategy.

“We need to stay here during the recess and during these upcoming vacations and get the work done and make the Democrats stay with us and work late at night just like the average person out in America is doing,” Senator Luther (R-Ala.) Strange told FOX Business Tuesday.

Only 46 of President Trump’s 178 nominees have been confirmed as of June 28, which is significantly lower than the 183 nominees former President Barack Obama had confirmed by the same date, according to a recent report by the Partnership of Public Service.

Sen. Strange said that while he believes this is part of the Democrats’ strategy to stall the White House policy agenda, it is also negatively impacting our country and the average citizen.

“When they’re gonna insist on cloture on every routine nominee, make us take 24 hours to two days and then 30 days of debate on routine nominations, we can cut that back. There’s an ability to do that,” Strange said.

As Republicans look to advance President Trump’s campaign promises, Sen. Strange is optimistic that Republican leadership will have a revised health care agreement by lunchtime Tuesday.

“We cannot fail on this, the people are expecting this to work so that’s what I’m positioning for,” he said.