Comey interview proves the ex-FBI chief is a failure: Kennedy

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Comey’s ABC interview was boring: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy on former FBI Director James Comey’s ABC interview.

Man that James Comey interview last night was boring.

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The painfully polite chat fest supposedly took place over five hours, and the phony pre-hype claimed people in the room were shocked by the claims Comey made in his confessional. I don't think they were shocked as much as near comatose from boredom as this was a far cry from a series of bombshells that were meant to torpedo the president.

James Comey hates President Trump, but so do a lot of people. Most of them, however, weren't in a position to thwart his election through spying, withholding and other nefarious means, and now more people hate James Comey than like him. Comey is a failure who feels morally and intellectually superior to the president, yet for someone who has such a command of the law and how it should be enforced he has the nards of a neutered Chihuahua when it comes to calling truth to power.

From former AG Loretta Lynch to the president, Comey had the chance to express his strong feelings about their shortcomings, but Mr. Sad Giraffe was incapable of being straightforward. And he sounded very humble when discussing how selfless he was for the sake of the FBI.

With every predictable answer, every utterance of "maybe" and "it's possible," we see Comey as both gutless and self-righteous casting himself as the heroic protagonist who is so much better than everybody else he has no choice but to save the day. But he wrecked it. And now by admitting the president hasn't done anything illegal or impeachable, all he can do is admonish the American people for voting in someone who is "morally unfit," someone who is icky and lives outside of the political bubble and therefor violates the norms of career statists who are only ever in it for themselves.

What the hell kind of higher loyalty is that?

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