Coal Country generates close to 50K jobs under Trump: Murray Energy CEO

President Trump promised to revive the coal industry while on the campaign trail and his efforts are falling into place.

For the first time in about seven years a coal mine has opened in the United States. The Acosta mine, in Somerset Country Pennsylvania, is open for business sparking optimism about the sector.

Last week, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said the coal industry is on the upswing, hiring thousands of workers since President Trump’s election.

“We’ve had almost 50,000 jobs created in the mining and coal sector alone. In fact, in the month of May, almost 7,000 jobs,” Pruitt told Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday. “

In an interview with FOX Business’ Stuart Varney, the CEO of one of America’s largest coal companies agreed with the EPA chief’s coal job assessment and said President Trump will continue to restore coal country.

“He’s [Trump] already save 25,000 coal mining jobs alone on his clean power plant overturn on top of the 46,700 jobs in mining that he’s restored that saves 25,000 jobs on top of the 63,000 that the Sierra Club, Silicon Valley, Democrats, liberal elitist and the media destroyed under eight years under Obama,” Murray Energy CEO Bob Murray said.

According to Murray, 30 percent of America’s electricity is produced by coal mining plants and any reduction will leave the U.S. with an unreliable electric grid.

“Anyone that says we go below that [30 percent] will force people to freeze in the dark, people die in the operating table,” he said.