Chrysler Fires 13 Caught Boozin' on Break

A local Detroit story turned into a national sensation. Thirteen Chrysler union workers were fired after they were caught drinking beer and smoking marijuana while on break from their jobs at a Detroit assembly plant. Phil Dine, author of “State of the Unions,” joined Varney & Co. this morning to share his opinion.

“If you’re asking me if I find this outrageous, I do,” said Dine. “I mean people who have a job, who are paid whether by tax payers or private enterprise, ought to take that job seriously. They ought to show up and do the job soberly and I’m outraged like you are.”

The workers were caught by hidden cameras over a ten-day period drinking and smoking in a local park near Chrysler’s Jefferson North assembly plant. Once finished, the workers headed back to the plant to finish their shifts.

“I defend common sense and fairness. I think these people were apparently bad apples,” said Dine. “There are 51,000 UAW Chrysler workers and you talk about 13 so let’s not forget the 50,987 who don’t do this kind of thing.”

Although Chrysler has suffered, Dine does not think it will affect the industry too much. “I think the most important thing is that the American auto industry has been saved and they’re running a profit,” said Dine “That’s important. This is an unfortunate blip.”