China, Russia formed the 'new axis' to steer US into a new Cold War, expert warns

Gordon Chang warns China believes they are at war with the United States

Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang sounded the alarm over a "new Cold War" emanating from Russia and China, telling "Mornings with Maria," Tuesday, that while many Americans say they don't want conflict, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have met 39 times to ensure it happens. Change also commented on President Biden naming John Podesta his climate czar, and its implications on the United States' foreign affairs. 

GORDON CHANG: This [Biden appointing John Podesta] really is wrong, and I’m sure the Podestas are going to say, "that was then and this is now" — but we have to remember that the United States is under unrelenting and malicious attack by China. We think we are at peace, so it's business as usual, but the Chinese believe that they are at war with the United States. So anyone with these China-friendly views who have represented Chinese companies, especially one as dangerous as Huawei, just should not be an official. This is not complicated or at least it shouldn’t be considered complicated. They just shouldn’t be serving. 


Clearly, China and Russia have formed the new axis along with friends like Iran and North Korea. We have got to understand that the world is divided. You know, a lot of Americans say, "well, we don’t want a new Cold War." Well, the point is the Russians and the Chinese do, and they are working very closely. This is going to be the 39th time that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have met in person. Number 39.