Capitalism needs a better argument on its behalf: American Enterprise Institute president

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, have been pushing a progressive agenda that has shifted recent partisan politics into uncharted territory: Should America be a socialist or a capitalist nation?

Progressive Democrats are urging their party to embrace new and costly proposals such as Medicare-for-all, the Green New Deal, and the recently floated free health care for Illegal Immigrants.

Economists claim that the far-left’s expensive socialist policies would irreversibly change the U.S. economy.

American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks said socialism is growing in popularity among young Americans.

“The problem is younger people are more jaundice about capitalism, particularly who graduated college around the time of the financial crisis they got a ton of debt. The college education is not paying returns, the labor market is not that strong, and so the result is what’s in it for me?” Brooks said on FOX Business’ “Kennedy” Monday.

Brooks, host of the new documentary “The Pursuit,” stressed that the rise of popularity has a lot to do with Americans not talking about the benefits of Capitalism has on society.

“We have to make a better case for Capitalism,” Brooks said.


Throughout a three-year journey, Brooks traveled to the poorest and richest cities in search of answering one question - “What economic and political system lifts the most people out of poverty, actualizes human potential, and paves the way to prosperity, dignity, and happiness for all?”

“This is the key thing. Capitalism has pulled billions of people out of poverty. If you want to be a social justice warrior you must be in favor of pulling people out of poverty,” he said.