Caitlyn Jenner rips 'emboldened' teachers' unions: Parents are in charge of their children, not schools

Schools should teach reading, writing, and arithmetic - not gender pronouns, Jenner says

Fox News contributor Caitlyn Jenner accused teachers' unions of doing "exactly what they want" in the classroom and denying parental rights, telling "Varney & Co." Thursday, that teachers should stick to reading, writing, and arithmetic, and leave gender pronouns out of education.

CAITLYN JENNER: Leave our children alone. I am so against this. To see what has happened to our educational system, it started back in 1979 when Jimmy Carter started federalizing education in this country with the Department of Education. Over these years teachers' unions have become more and more empowered and emboldened to do exactly what they want and take the parents out of this. I am 100% for parental rights. I helped raise 10 children, and 21 grandchildren that are just starting the educational process. 


I want parents to be emboldened. They are the ones that are in charge of their children, not the schools. I want schools to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, not gender pronouns and all of this, leave our kids alone. I look at my own life, if I would have been growing up in this environment, when you are trans, you have your whole life. I don’t know where my life would have gone if I had been growing up in today’s society with the teachers and the teachers' unions having so much power over things.