Both parties blew it by reauthorizing FISA Section 702: Kennedy

Get ready for more warrantless spying! The House dropped the ball when they passed a bill reauthorizing section 702 of FISA, which is supposed to target bad guys, but allows for incidental and possibly widespread data collection on Americans.

What is warrantless data collection? It is spying. The Fourth Amendment is supposed to protect American citizens from government overreach and unlawful search and seizure, but the reauthorization of this law lets the FBI and many other law enforcement agencies use those emails and phone calls in other investigations, without warrants, as they see fit.

The beautiful thing is the encroachment on civil liberties makes best friends out of strange bedfellows, as the defense of liberty knows no party.

The problem is, both parties have blown it. Nancy Pelosi paved the way for House sheep to vote for Devin Nunes’s carbuncled stepchild, and there weren't enough brave Republican freedom fighters to defeat the status quo.

There are good people in both parties who are healthy skeptics of bloated federal surveillance power, but what good is skepticism when it's neutered by apathy?

The Senate cannot lay down and get chewed up by Mitch McConnell's procedural lawn mower, because this is bigger than division or resistance or persistence or party.

This speaks to our essential liberties and fundamental freedoms and the ability to check the power of government before it erodes our rights and destroys the Republic.