Blame Obama, Democrats for road to socialized medicine: Stuart Varney

ObamaCare is it. But what do we do about it? The reform effort failed. So, we have to deal with an implosion that’s hurting a lot of people.

Here's an example of how divided we are.

The governor of Maine says the two senators from that state are "downright dangerous" because they both voted against reigning in Medicaid. The governor says the expansion of Medicaid almost bankrupted the state. That’s the problem: Even a ruinous entitlement can't be trimmed. Once the government gives something, it’s almost impossible to take it back.

Here’s another instance of the division in politics.16 state attorneys general have gone to court to force President Trump to bail out insurance companies! And a federal judge is letting their suits go forward. That’s another problem: once Congress has authorized spending, the money must be spent. Even though ObamaCare is falling apart, Democrat attorney generals insist on an outrageous bail-out of the insurance companies they used to criticize.

Oh what a mess! And we're stuck with it. You can blame the Republicans for their failure to fix it. You can blame the president for failing to lead. But you have to blame President Obama and the Democrat Congress for starting down the socialized medicine road in the first place.

This is not much comfort to the millions who are stuck with a wildly expensive and totally unsustainable system. But it’s a very good example of what not to do: please, America, do not be like Europe!