Big Fraud in Little Bell

Los Angeles prosecutors are investigating reports of potential voter fraud in Bell, California after many absentee ballots for voters were allegedly filled out by members of the city council. The Los Angeles Times reported the story yesterday, shedding light on reports from several residents.

Fox News Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Varney & Co. on Friday to discuss what this means if it the reports are true.

The Judge tells The Company, “The more serious type of fraud is when these people are accompanied by a Bell police officer. You have the badge and the gun. That is an extraordinary amount of intimidation. That is a much higher level and far more serious level of voter fraud.” He proceeds to say, “That implicates federal civil rights. That implicates misconduct in office. That implicates the threat to do violence on the person of whose door they knocked.”

Four voters have claimed that city officials knocked on their door requesting for them to fill out absentee ballots. According to the LA Times, one woman even believed that it was election paperwork, not aware she was signing an absentee ballot. When she went to the polls, records showed she had voted absentee.

Judge Napolitano continues on, “The right to vote is a federally guaranteed right and interference with that right implicates federal statutes and thus is ordinarily prosecuted by federal authorities."

The Los Angeles County district attorney's office did give any details to the LA Times on its election investigation, but District Attorney Steve Cooley said last week that the probe will be focused on absentee ballots.

“If the Los Angeles Times article is accurate, this is not a one-shot deal. This is a regular consistent systematic conspiracy to interfere with a protected election.”