Biden admin. is ‘purposefully’ trying to ‘deceive’ Americans: Florida AG Ashley Moody

What is occurring at the southern border is the "opposite" of what Democrats are trying to "sell" to Americans, argues Moody

During an interview on "Mornings with Maria" Friday, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody slammed the Biden administration for their persistent mishandling of the border crisis, arguing that the White House has a "game plan" to continuously "deceive" the American public on its grim reality.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ASHLEY MOODY: You know, I felt compelled to share this with the American public because you have an administration that is purposefully trying to deceive the American public. Mayorkas went in front of Congress and said that they were effectively handling the border, that it was secure. And then you had the White House come out just this week and say that people were not walking across the border, that that wasn't happening. That was straight out of the White House press secretary's mouth. What is occurring is a crisis. It is absolutely the opposite of what they are trying to sell to the American people. And as someone who is, you know, working in court cases right now and uncovering the truth, I thought it was very important to share because this is becoming all too common where the White House has a game plan. 

Border agent by river

U.S. Border Patrol agents stand opposite of the Mexican side of the Rio Grande, in the U.S. border city of Roma. (Photo by ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images) (ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images / Getty Images)

And when something goes bad because of one of their policies, which is ever-increasing and happening, they first blame someone else. You know, at first, they tried to blame Trump for the border crisis, saying, it was broken when they got it. Well, let me put that in perspective. In the last month of the Trump administration, they released 17 people into the American interior. You are looking now at hundreds of thousands of people that this Biden administration has let pour into our country unvetted. And so first, they'll try and blame someone else, and then they deny and lie. It's not happening. Nothing to see here. You saw this with the recession. It's not a recession. I know we've defined that repeatedly for you over the years, but we're not in a recession. We have no inflation. There's no border crisis. And so I felt very compelled, as the attorney general, dealing in a state that is dealing with the effects of this disastrous policy at the border. To tell the truth, and I commend Chief Border Patrol Raul Ortiz for telling the truth because the American people need to hear it.