Arizona's Rep. David Schweikert: Tax reform is "complicated"

As efforts continue on Capitol Hill to work on President Trump’s pro-growth agenda, Rep. David Schweikert (R-Ariz) weighed in on the state of tax reform, telling the FOX Business Network’s Adam Shapiro, “It’s incredibly important that we meet the definition of revenue neutrality with dynamic scoring so the tax reform, tax rewrite is permanent.”

Schweikert then called for a tax reform plan that maximized economic growth, explaining, “Because without the economic growth, we often use the term shackles on the economy, but it’s also the ability to pay for promises we made in our society, we must have the economic growth as we’re moving into the retirement years of our baby boomers.”

According to Schweikert, it is important to bring fairness to the tax code, because in the past, “There’s been a lot of picking of winners and losers in the U.S. tax code.”

Schweikert then pointed out just how complicated the U.S. tax code, is, telling Shapiro, “It isn’t about just lowering some rates over here, and a couple deductions here, we’re trying to rewrite 68,000 pages of tax code…and it’s complicated and some of the most interesting work I’ve ever done.”

President Trump will head to Phoenix Arizona for a rally scheduled for Tuesday evening in an effort to repair the state’s divided GOP party. Some advisors are also urging the President to use the event to help heal the nation following the events of Charlottesville.