Arizona Chamber of Commerce CEO: Healthcare Marketplace Needs 'Greater Freedom'

The 115th Congress was sworn in on Tuesday and Republicans are wasting no time as they begin working toward their goal of repealing President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

President-elect Trump, who campaigned on the promise to repeal the healthcare law, is set to take office in 15 days, which will make the process even easier for the Republican-led House and Senate.

In a recent series of tweets, Trump cited the “116%” increase in premiums in Arizona as additional incentive to dismantle the law.

Arizona Chamber of Commerce CEO and President Glenn Hamer agrees with the President-elect, calling Obamacare a “disaster.”

“The Obamacare exchanges have way too many mandates. That’s why you saw so many of the major insurers pull out all over the country. In fact, for a brief period of time it looked like one of the major counties in Arizona wouldn’t have a single exchange,” Hamer told the FOX Business Network.

He added that the healthcare marketplace needs to see “greater freedom,” and creating more “marketplace mechanisms” will be very important when it comes to crafting a successful replacement for Obamacare.