Anti-Semitism clearly visible in Democratic Party: Varney

It went unnoticed: Britain's Labour Party split by anti-Semitism.

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Democrats here should take notice.

Because anti-Semitism is now clearly visible in the Democratic Party.

Rep. Ilhan Omar put out anti-Semitic tweets. She apologized. But then later repeated those same feelings. This week she will address an Islamic group, linked by some governments and banks to terror.

She supports the boycott Israel movement, which seeks the destruction of Israel. The acknowledged anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, encourages her. He says Jews are "Satanic." Rep. Omar still sits on the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The American Jewish community votes overwhelmingly for Democrats. How long can the party contain these two diametrically opposed groups?

Back to the British Labour Party. Its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, supports boycotting Israel, refers to Hamas terrorists as "friends" and refuses to condemn an outrageous anti-Semitic mural in London's East End! That’s why seven Labour members of Parliament have left the party.


Could the same thing happen here to America's Democrats? What's at stake is not so much party membership. It’s the continuing support of Jewish voters for the Democratic Party. For decades the Democrats have had the support of more than 70 percent of Jewish voters. If Democrat leaders Schumer and Pelosi don't reign in the anti-Semitism within their own party, that level of support is surely in doubt.