Another continuing resolution? Paul Ryan’s head is full of Wisconsin cheese: Kennedy

Paul Ryan's head is filled with delicious Wisconsin cheese and little else. With no new ideas pinging around his bean or the cerebral capacity to convince his troops of the truth, the House speaker came up with this brilliant plan to hold off a government shut down for another month: How about a continuing resolution?

Here's the thing about continuing resolutions: They are the Kardashians of Congress. They are lazy, stupid and get way more attention than they deserve. Ryan is hoping this one-month can-kick that delays some ObamaCare taxes and extends the children's health care plan is enough to momentarily stave off embarrassment. It's not.

Ryan should have his can kicked right out of Congress for his constant reliance on mealy mouthed, temporary fixes that betray either gross incompetence or shameful laziness at not being able to pass a decent spending bill.

If there is, in fact, a shutdown, Democrats know it's on the party in power that controls both chambers and the presidency. For now. There is zero urgency for them to go along with these fiscal reindeer games, and Republicans are so bad at messaging there's no way to pin this obvious and oncoming failure to Democrats, even if it's completely their fault.

Freedom Caucus members are right to balk at the boy wonder's ham handedness and demand more from leadership, just as Americans deserve more from an impotent and out-of-touch Congress.