Andrew McCabe's embellishments don't match reality: Kennedy

Andrew McCabe was fired a year ago from the FBI and referred to the US Attorney in DC for criminal prosecution for repeatedly lying under oath, so he's spent the better part of that year once again trying to dismantle a presidency. First it was with a badge, now it's a bitter plume, and his words would be a little more believable if they weren't rapidly changing.

Half of these presidential biographies are looking to curry favor with the common Dante; the other half are shrill tomes meant to take him down with their emotional candor.

McCabe is still smarting from his public spanking and glaring conflicts of interest, so he has to rationalize all the ways he -like Comey, Strzok and others before him - abused his power to keep it.

The themes are all the same: lily white salt-of-the-earth American shields the world from the authoritarian bully who's willing to upend every agency who stands in the way from his Russian power coupling. The problem is, for McCabe and Comey and anyone else who wants to make convenient enemies to sell books and join the speaking circuit, their embellishments don't match reality and their new best foes turn on them as Rosenstein is about to do with the bus marks still smoking on his backside.

First Rod wants to wear a wire, then wants to invoke the 25th amendment, and is willing to whip cabinet votes to, in McCabe's words figure out "where we were and what we needed to do next". Emphasis on "we.”

Because the secret team of power-shielding super dunces thought they knew better than the electorate and could use their overstuffed powers of surveillance to bring down a man they find icky.

Now someone has to answer for and from this cabal: why were McCabe and Rosenstein acting so furiously, and why were the top 2 guys at Justice and the FBI thwarting the law they had sworn to uphold in order to undo an election? Which cabinet members had spoken out in favor of this surreptitious removal?


And where in God's name does Christopher Wray stand on all of this??

If this is the stuff we *know* about, I hate to see what's still rotting under the fallen Washington logs. Comey, McCabe, Sstrzok, Rosenstein, Page: they are all gone. Yet the president remains, and if there's nothing overtly criminal within the Mueller report they should all face prosecution and justice.