Amazon provides opportunities for small businesses: SBA chief Linda McMahon

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Amazon helps, not hinders small business: Linda McMahon

Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon on how Amazon and tax reform affect small businesses.

U.S. Small Business Administrator (SBA) Linda McMahon says Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has paved the way for small businesses to use online services to distribute its goods.

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“I think that Amazon has provided an opportunity for a lot of small businesses to get their product into the market place,” McMahon told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

The ecommerce giant has dominated the retail sector much to the dismay of brick-and-mortar retailers and various other industries.

Despite Amazon growing “leaps and bounds,” McMahon said she is in favor of free market and doesn’t partake in reigning in on any company unless a business is conducting unfair trade practices.

“Amazon is a really big player across a lot of different market places, but I think that online opportunities for small businesses have given many small businesses the opportunities to get in business,” she said.

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The SBA chief also weighed President Trump’s tax reform and its impact on small businesses.

“Small businesses that I’ve talked to around the country are really anxious for tax reform,” McMahon said. “It’s one of the reasons that there were so much optimism in the market place from small businesses - why they were looking more to start or grow their business - and they are really counting on tax reform.”

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