Alleged Serial Killer Collecting Pension

We plant our flag every day in California on Varney & Co., and today we did it with something unexpected… news of an alleged serial killer’s capture.

The case was cold on Lonnie David Franklin, Jr., a man called "The Grim Sleeper," until a reporter urged the LAPD to reopen it. The cops now say they caught Franklin. So why do we care on Varney & Co., a financial program? Because the accused killer used to work for the city and collected a disability pension while he was on his alleged killing spree... To the tune of $300,000!

Christine Pelisek with LA Weekly Magazine is the reporter who broke the story, and she joined Stuart and the company this morning to talk about the alleged serial killer’s iron-clad pension.

“I talked to the city attorney’s office and they told me that because he was a city employee he will get his disability for the next 25 years, until he dies, basically,” said Pelisek.

If Franklin lives to age 82, he will have collected $1 million from his disability pension. And he or his family will collect that pension even if he is convicted!

Pelisek added, “He’s been married to the same woman for 32 years and he has two children. So I imagine… if he gets the death penalty his money will go to his wife and family.”