A Legend in Pinstripes

Thursday on “Varney & Co.” former New York Yankees shortstop Bucky Dent sat down to talk Charity and Major League Baseball salaries with host Stuart Varney. Dent may be best remembered for his home run in a one-game playoff in 1978 that put the Yankees in the playoffs over the Boston Red Sox.

Dent talked to Stuart Varney about the game and how much it meant to him and fans across the country. “I have a lot of people come and talk to me about that because it was such a unique day. “ Dent said, “It was a one game playoff, two great teams, two great cities. That’s something you just don’t forget. “

He also spoke about salaries in Major League Baseball. “When I was a rookie the minimum was 15 thousand,” Dent said. “So the minimum now is higher than I made in my highest earning years.”

Dent added that he had to work in the winter to supplement his income. “I drove a crane,” he said. “I made more money driving a crane than I made playing baseball.”