A Dim Reception for BlackBerry's Torch

Research in Motion debuted its latest mobile device, the BlackBerry Torch, this week. Initial reviews of the smartphone have been lackluster at best. Fox & Friends host, Clayton Morris had a chance to play around with the Torch and stopped by Varney & Co. to share his impression of the device.

“I don’t know that there’s anything wrong with the device, it’s just not exciting,” Morris explained. “In this climate of these big [smartphone] releases this summer… you have the BlackBerry torch that comes along, and it doesn’t even really measure up to those devices already released this summer.”

Morris thinks that BlackBerry made a mistake by ignoring a feature that its competitors have embraced- the front-facing camera for video chat. “If RIM is the enterprise device [that businesses use], then they didn’t make a business-friendly device this time around,” Morris said. “They didn’t add the front-facing camera… so that we can do video conferencing. They’re about six years behind these other devices.”

Even with these problems, Morris doesn’t think that this will hurt RIM’s bottom line. “People love their BlackBerrys and this is the best BlackBerry ever made,” he told Varney. “People are going to buy the device if they love BlackBerrys. Research in Motion is not dead.”