US home price growth hits another new high in February: CoreLogic report

Predicts home price appreciation to slow to 5% by next year

Home price growth reached yet another new high in February, a new CoreLogic report showed.  (iStock)

Home prices surged another 20% annually in February, according to new CoreLogic data, hitting another new series high and marking 12 consecutive months of double-digit gains.

Annual home price growth continues to hit new highs, according to the CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI). At the state level, the highest annual increases were seen in the Sunshine State of Florida, followed by Arizona and Nevada. In fact, CoreLogic said that no state across the country saw annual home prices drop in February.

"New listings have not kept up with the large number of families looking to buy, leading to homes selling quickly and often above list price," CoreLogic Chief Economist Frank Nothaft said. "This imbalance between an insufficient number of owners looking to sell relative to buyers searching for a home has led to the record appreciation of the past 12 months."

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Home price growth to slow in year ahead, CoreLogic says

CoreLogic forecasts that home prices in the U.S. will increase year-over-year by 5% over the next 12 months, but adds that rising interest rates will continue to sideline more homebuyers.

"Higher prices and mortgage rates erode buyer affordability and should dampen demand in coming months, leading to the moderation in price growth in our forecast," Nothaft said. 

Interest rates are also expected to continue rising over the next two years as the Federal Reserve fights to combat rising inflation. The Fed is now considering raising rates up to three times in 2022, and recently raised rates for the first time since 2018. In fact, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said during a recent interview that consumers are likely to see "uncomfortably high" inflation numbers over the course of the next year.

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How homeowners can take advantage of rising prices

As home prices surge, homeowners can take advantage of their homes' value in several ways. A cash-out refinance, for example, allows homeowners to tap into the equity on their home, and possibly get low interest rates to lower their monthly mortgage payment.

Borrowers can also consider a home equity line of credit (HELOC), which takes out a loan against the equity they own in the home. This allows consumers who already have a low interest rate to take out a line of credit without affecting the interest rate on their mortgage overall. HELOCs require borrowers to have good credit, have closing costs that are similar to that of a mortgage, have variable interest rates and the potential of foreclosure. 

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