4th grader’s two-year plan: I want to make $3 million

Ariana Jalia has published two children's books and runs a successful online jewelry business.

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She is hoping to make $3 million before turning nine years old.

“I wrote my first book at three years old and I wrote my second book at four,” Jalia told FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Friday. “Then I realized, if I wanted a way to sell my book - I started my business.”

With help from her mother, Jalia developed a business plan and a team to get the word out - selling 20,000 copies of her books before the age of six. She also sells charms that can be attached to necklaces and bracelets through her “My SunShine Magic” brand.

Now a seven year-old attending fourth grade at K12 International Academy in New York, Jalia is prepared to release her third book - a full-length novel titled AJ and the Hidden Secret Door.”

“It's all about a magic book that was shattered, and the journey of putting it back together,” she explained. “I signed with a New York City literary agency, and I'm currently working with an editor that has many New York Times bestsellers under her belt.”


Jalia hopes her latest work will evolve into a TV or movie deal that will assure her at least $3 million in the bank. Her entrepreneurial spirit was inspired by Jalia's mother who told her to approach the sales of her books and charms like a businessperson - a habit she hopes to cultivate well into her teenage years.

“I want to continue writing my books, and I want to continue inspiring children to read, write and create their own magical stories.”