Eric Shawn

Eric Shawn, a New York-based anchor and senior correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC), joined the network when it launched in 1996. He is currently the anchor of America's News Headquarters (Saturdays 4-6PM/ET and Sundays 1-2PM/ET and 4-5PM/ET). Shawn is also the host of Riddle: The Search for James R. Hoffa on FOX Nation, FNC's on-demand subscription-based streaming service, which is based upon his extensive reporting into the appearance of notorious Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa. Read More

Kanye West drops The Gap, starts his own stores

Ye, formerly know as Kanye West is set to launch Yeezy retail stores after sending a termination letter to The Gap, claiming that the company has yet to live up to their agreement.

UN diplomats talk peace, bring COVID

The first diplomatic infections of COVID-19 are being reported after foreign dignitaries from around the world attended the United Nations General Assembly in New York.