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Some Harvard students say not so fast on Trump ban

A petition circulating at Harvard University to prevent Trump administration officials from stepping foot on campus is getting mixed reviews from many students, showing that not all those attending the prestigious college are in line with the progressive agenda of the petition's organizers, Fox Business has learned.

Is Jeff Bezos interested in buying CNN?

The investment banking world is buzzing that the controversial chief executive of and owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos, is sniffing around on a potential purchase of one of AT&T’s most valued assets, the Cable News Network, bankers tell FOX Business.

If Biden wins, he tells his Wall Street supporters he can’t wait to raise taxes

The polls may be tightening as the 2020 presidential election is just over a week away, but Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his top advisers are already laying out an aggressive economic agenda that would make raising taxes their top and immediate priority if the former vice president is elected, FOX Business has learned.

Wall Street rolls the dice on Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket

Wall Street’s biggest firms are cozying up to Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and appear to be rolling the dice that if the former vice president wins the White House in November, his talk about raising taxes on investors and big corporations, is a lot of hot air.

TikTok accused of 'bullying' U.S.-based video app rival Triller

This weekend, the chairman of Triller sent a fiery memo to the company's 350 employees claiming that the controversial and much larger, Beijing-based rival TikTok, which is in the crosshairs of the Trump Administration, is engaging in a media campaign to drum up bad press in recent weeks to stunt Triller's growth.