Laura Carrione

Laura Carrione is an Editor with FOX Business. For FBN, she's recently covered the FOX-hosted Energy Independence Summit and met with top vendors and companies at San Diego Comic-Con. As part of the Fox News Flash & Media team, Laura has her hand in a variety of additional content. She can be contacted at for story tips.

Energy Independence: Where does America go from here?

Fox Business and Fox Nation teamed up Tuesday to host the Energy Independence Summit, a two-hour event held at Rucci Oil Company in Staten Island, NY, that featured a panel of celebrated hosts in their fields fronted by FBN anchors Maria Bartiromo, Charles Payne, and Larry Kudlow.

US wheat shortage could cost pizza lovers more dough

FOX Business' Grady Trimble joined "Varney & Co." Thursday from famous Chicago pizza chain Lou Malnati's to hear from employees on how withering wheat crops could affect their classic deep-dish style pies.