Part-time retirement jobs that pay $15 per hour or more

Getting a part-time job during retirement doesn't mean you have to settle for low wages

Retiring doesn’t mean you have to completely give up work. You can pursue rewarding part-time jobs in your areas of expertise or try something new if it makes you happy – so long as money is no object.

And with 55 percent of American workers saying they intend to work during their retirement, according to a recent study from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, you might as well look into part-time jobs that are worth spending your golden years on.


Here are 10 positions that have pay rates that are $15 per hour or more on average, according to Indeed.

10. Marketing Assistant


National Average: $15.02 per hour.

Have experience working on marketing campaigns? You can get back into the business by helping brands research and develop sales strategies.

9. Career Coach


National Average: $15.85 per hour.

If you’ve led a successful career or have been known to give great work-related advice, whether it be resume writing or interview tips, being a one-on-one career coach could be a fulfilling job.

8. Data Specialist


National Average: $17.80 per hour.

Being a data specialist takes a little tech-savviness, but it’s a role that can be done remotely if you have the correct computer systems for upkeeping a database.


7. Bookkeeper


National Average: $17.97 per hour.

To be a bookkeeper, you’ll be responsible for collecting and reconciling accounts, process payroll, update notes and similar clerical tasks.

6. English Teacher


National Average: $18.91 per hour.

Teaching English as a second language online is an extremely flexible job that pays well and can be done in the comforts of your own home. A teaching certification such as a TEFL is usually required, though it depends on the platform and country you’re operating in.

5. Recruiting Coordinator


National Average: $19.16 per hour.

If you have an eye for talent, you can be an asset to a workplace by being a recruiting coordinator. Duties may include sourcing and assessing candidates, screening resumes, conducting interviews and so on.


4. Copy Editor


National Average: $20.84 per hour.

Brands are constantly looking for editors who can go over their copy with a fine-tooth comb and ensure sentences are clear and correct. And some employers are open to making this role a remote opportunity.

3. Contract Consultant


National Average: $48.89 per hour.

Be your own boss and provide professional advice to business clients who need it and have the money to pay you for your expertise.

2. Travel Agent


National Average: $43,469 annual salary.

If you have a knack for arranging itineraries and excursions at a reasonable price, being a travel agent might be the right move.


1. Instructional Designer


National Average: $62,354 annual salary.

Masters of a craft can make big bucks developing curriculums as an instructional designer. It's a role where experience really pays off.