5 ways to make money off the old things you find when spring-cleaning

Make quick money off your old things with yard sales, consignment shops and more

Spring is a time for enjoying warm weather, watching flowers bloom, hearing the birds chirp in the morning, and doing an entire scrub-down of your house. 

Spring is the season for a fresh start and new beginnings. Many take part in an annual spring-cleaning, consisting of doing a deep clean of one's home during the season.

But what do you do with all that old stuff you come across while you're cleaning? Don't throw it away! Well, maybe that old shoe with no match can hit the garbage can. But there are plenty of items that can be exchanged for cash back in your pocket. Here's how you can make money off your old things.

Close-up of Levi jeans

You can make money off your old stuff, such as clothes, this spring. (Sean Gallup / File / Getty Images)


  1. Bring old clothes and other items to consignment shops
  2. Host a yard sale
  3. Put your things up for sale through an online shop
  4. Recycle any old technology you have
  5. Start a side hustle with your findings

1. Bring old clothes and other items to consignment shops

Consignment shops are a great option to recycle old clothing or furniture items because you will redeem a portion of their profits when they are sold. 

Secondhand stores are also available to drop off items for cash. These stores will then sell your old items on their store floors.

Keep in mind with stores like these, they typically accept items that are both in season and in good condition. For example, if you bring them a heavy winter coat during the summer, they most likely won’t buy it off of you.

2. Host a yard sale

A yard sale is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to make money off your stuff. 

With a yard sale, you can create your own prices for your items and negotiate with potential buyers. All you really need for a yard sale is some outdoor space and a table to put all your items on.

Person holding a yard sale sign

Hosting a yard sale is an easy way to make a little cash off your items. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times / File / Getty Images)

If you plan on having a yard sale, make sure to check the weather forecast ahead of time to avoid rain or cold days. Hang signs around the neighborhood, so people know when and where to attend your yard sale.

If you don’t have a ton of stuff to sell, ask some friends and family if they want to do a joint yard sale. It will also be fun to spend the day together, and you all will hopefully make extra cash. 


To step up your yard sale, offer cold water or lemonade to potential shoppers. This could help boost your sales or make people more agreeable to your prices.

3. Put your things up for sale through an online shop

There are numerous sites and apps available to sellers today. You can sell clothing, shoes, furniture, kitchen items, etc., on eBay alone.

If you are specifically looking to sell clothing, you might want to consider another site. Depending on the item, you could use Poshmark, thredUP or even a high-end secondhand shop like TheRealReal.

OfferUp is a site used to buy and sell appliances, furniture and more.

A person holds a phone with social media apps on the screen

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to easily sell old items. (Matt Cardy / File / Getty Images)


Facebook Marketplace is another popular social media platform for selling items.

Be sure to look out for and avoid scammers at all cost. There is an abundance of them working different scams through a variety of sites and apps.

4. Recycle any old technology you have

Take your used technology to a store or kiosk that accepts used items for cash. Whether it be old phones, tablets or computers, check online for locations in your area to get cash quickly.

You can also sell electronics on eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

5. Start a side hustle with your findings

This way of making money from old stuff takes a little more work than others, but you may find items that could make you cash.

For example, if you're cleaning your closet and find a Cricut machine buried under a pile of clothes, learn how to use it and start your own small business on Etsy.

Man's hands holding money

If you come across old items that can help you launch your side hustle, use them to finally start your small business. (iStock)


If you find a stack of old bread-making supplies in your kitchen from years ago, there's no better time than now to start selling your baked goods like you always wanted to.

If you come across a stack of unused journals, start filling them with ideas and launch your own blog to make income that way.

When spring-cleaning, you definitely want to throw away the things you know you'll never use. But if you come across items that you forgot about but can make you money, start using them to your advantage.