College students not sinking money into stocks like they used to

College students are not investing in the stock market the way they once did. FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos investigated students’ forays into the stock market at Fordham University.

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Fordham students were mixed in their involvement in market activity, while some expressed investment interest, others were skeptical of their own financial competence. When asked, one young woman said: “I know so little about the economy, I’m just not capable of [investing].”

Another student shied away from investing based on his current financial situation and his general lack of interest. “I simply don’t know how and I don’t have the time” attested the young man.

According to Charles Schwab, data shows that fewer young people are investing today (37 percent) than invested a little over a decade ago (52 percent).

There are, however, some financially-minded students on Fordham’s campus.

“I am invested and I do pay attention,” said one, while another provided Partsinevelos with investment advice. He expressed his interest in ETFs, saying “go with the market long-term.”


For college students who have invested considerably in their education, if not the stock market, express longer-term plans for investment. An economics major articulated this position saying, “I haven’t invested any money yet, but I do plan to.