No shrinkage if 'Seinfeld' can land new $500 million streaming deal

No more streaming ‘Seinfeld’ past 2021 for you!  At least, until Sony finds a new home for the nine seasons of the beloved classic "90’s TV sitcom named after it’s star, standup comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

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The show that was supposed to be about nothing, featuring the lives of four friends living in New York City, is the latest in the coffers of Sony to hit the streaming marketplace. The studio is trying to find a new home for the series after 2021, when it's current $130 million deal with streaming service Hulu is expected to expire according to Deadline.

Sony is hoping to score close to half a billion dollars for 'Seinfeld,' which would be similar to what other popular sitcoms 'Friends' and 'The Office' have recently raked in. HBO Max dropped $425 Million according to Deadline for the lovable 'Friends' that brought the world Jennifer Aniston and her much copied  "Rachel" hairdo. NBCUniversal reportedly paid over $500 Million in the streaming market place for the rights to 'The Office,' the hilarious series about bored workers at a paper company, for its yet to launch service.

HBO Max is also looking to drop serious money for both of prolific producer Chuck Lorre’s mega-hit series. In a blockbuster $1.5 billion dollar deal, HBO appears to be on the verge of acquiring the streaming rights to both 'The Big Bang Theory' and 'Two and a Half Men,' according to Deadline.

AT&T owned WarnerMedia is eyeing to launch HBOMax to launch next spring. The bundle of acquisitions -- such as Lorre's hits - plus HBO, Cinemax, and Warner's catalog of existing original content is expected to cost between $16 and $17 a month.

Comcast will debut the NBCUniversal service in April of 2020. No pricing has been revealed.


During an age of reality tv and social media, these classic scripted series are enjoying huge potential earnings with a second life in the homes of consumers who are cutting the cords on their cable servers and flocking to streaming services that promote binge-worthy television shows like ‘Seinfeld.’