More than 20 injured in Seattle after barricade collapse at music fest

Around 25 people were injured when a stage barricade gave way at a music festival in Seattle on Saturday night.

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More than two dozen festivalgoers were evaluated for injuries after the barricade collapse at the Seattle Center, Seattle Fire Department spokesman David Cuerpo said according to MyNorthwest. Only four people were hospitalized, and their injuries were minor.

The 4-foot barrier gave way after the crowd of roughly 3,000 attendees put too much pressure on it, Cuerpo said.

Musician Jai Wolf was performing at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival when the barrier fell over, and he canceled his set as an on-site medical team tended to the injured. Wolf announced Sunday on Twitter that he is rescheduling his set for Sunday evening.

"As soon as I walked on stage tonight, one of the steel barricades separating the crowd from the stage collapsed due to the crowd pushing and jumping on the hill. I cut the music because I noticed members of the audience had fallen on top of each other. ... [T]omorrow's going to be a lot of fun, let's just be mindful of our surroundings and look out for one another," Wolf wrote.

Injuries at concerts aren't totally uncommon, and they certainly aren't limited to the U.S. Six people died in a stampede at the Blue Lantern disco in the small town of Corinaldo in Italy in December, and Italian authorities only managed to catch the gang members allegedly responsible for starting the stampede in August.