'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' revives old school Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino’s new film "Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood" is out now and grabbing the attention of movie fanatics all across the country, and world.

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The 2 hour, 41 minute R-rated film follows stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in 1969's transitioning Hollywood. It deals with the sensitive topic of the murder of Actress Sharon Tate and the other victims of Charles Manson "family" members.

The new film also follows a string of successful Tarantino films including 2012's "Django Unchained," 2015's "The Hateful Eight" and 2009's "Inglorious Basterds." The new film is said to possibly be one of Tarantino's last films, if not the last film. But is it possible the motion picture could mark a shift for the film industry?

Michael Tammero, host of 'In the FOXlight,' spoke to FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo about the blockbuster's potential impact on the industry.

"This film is a rarity in Hollywood these days," he said. "With non-existing characters, and non-franchise. It's not based on the comic books. And it's targeted to adults who knew that we actually count in Hollywood these days."

Tammero said he is especially excited to see the new release.

"I am not a big Tarantino fan, but I cannot wait to go see this movie," he exclaimed.

According to Box Office Mojo, the film had a budget of $90 million. IMDb gave the film a 9.1 out of 10 rating and Rotten Tomatoes ranked the film at 89 percent. With the film's high ratings, Tammero said the movie will likely perform quite well.

"It's estimated to come in around $30 million this weekend, it's a big gamble for Sony," he said. "The first weekend is not what matters with this movie. It's really the second and third. This movie could play very well going well into September."

Tammero did say, however, that the film does take the risk of not following the norm of being a sequel or a comic book-based movie.

Another film anticipated to do well is the upcoming "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," a profile film starring Tom Hanks as the Iconic Mr. Rogers.

According to Tammero, more than 60 million people viewed the trailer as well as took to social media.


"Just hand him the Oscar right now," Tammero said.

The anticipated Mr. Rogers biopic opens around Thanksgiving.