NBC looks like a loser in fight over Farrow’s Weinstein report: Kennedy

NBC News is in deep yogurt as contradictory accounts about Ronan Farrow's #MeToo reporting are proving the beleaguered, second-rate, once great anti-Trump propaganda factory might deserve the moniker: fake news!

Farrow published a bombshell that sunk the careers of dozens of sausage-swinging media perverts from Harvey Weinstein to Matt Lauer, and torpedoed enough grabby casualties to fill the Lusitania.

People wondered why runnin' Ronan bolted NBC and decided to reveal this paradigm-shifting mammoth in print and not for his beloved network. Well, he tried but he was peacock blocked. He had done months of reporting and according to not only his recent Twitter defense and an interview in the New York Times with his former producer Rich McHugh, at least three women who were featured in the story, including thorny Rose McGowan, testify it was good, complete, and loaded with tragic, on-the-record accounts from Weinstein's victims.

NBC reportedly got wind of Rich's peacock bashing and news chief Andy Lack sent employees a letter that claims the pouty lipped wunderkind wasn't ready for primetime. And that all of the sources Farrow and McHugh provided were anonymous. Except for the ones who weren't. And that seems to suggest NBC is lying.

Ronan's work won him not only several informal Frank Sinatra lookalike contests, but also a Pulitzer for The New Yorker and a debt of gratitude from decades of victims who were shamed into silence.

Ronan Farrow did the work, and he was bullied and pushed out by NBC, which was clearly trying to protect their whale Weinstein who was about to get beached.

Even Megyn Kelly, the face that launched a thousand departures, has weighed in with her trademark dubiousness. She doesn't think NBC is telling the truth either, and you should watch out, you guys. If she leaves your network, then your ratings will really go up.

It's a damn shame good reporters are under fire from the president, their own paranoid news organizations and attention whore clowns like Jim Acosta. Ronan Farrow has already won, and NBC’s institutional C.Y.A. makes them look like petty, dishonest losers.