Media attacks continue, even as Trump fulfills trade promises: Dobbs

Tonight, we once again can read all the newspapers, websites and watch TV and see and hear all sorts of people bash the president. That's right, bash him, trash him, insult and disparage him, viciously and endlessly.

And they attack the President of the United States daily and relentlessly, and not because he's failed in any way. To the contrary, President Trump is succeeding beyond even the imaginings of his most ardent supporters, rebuilding our military, establishing American strategic preeminence over Obama's strategic patience. Today, keeping his promise to tear up stupid trade deals, and particularly NAFTA, because NAFTA was a particularly dumb trade deal, even among vast numbers of dumb American trade agreements.

President Trump once again stunned his detractors, principally Dimms and RINOs and of course the national left-wing media by keeping another promise. You'd think by now they'd have learned. Mr. Trump says what he means, and means what he says.

He's already an historic president, inspiring trillions of dollars of  growth in our markets, driving our economic growth to 4 percent when his predecessor claimed less than 2 percent was the new normal and insisted our entrepreneurs hadn't "built that,” the hell you say. Think of all this president has accomplished, deregulating our economy which had been suffocating under the Dimms and Obama, cutting taxes, just as he promised on the campaign trail he would, restoring American confidence, expanding our middle class, wages moving higher, restoring prosperity for all Americans. And there’s record low unemployment rates for minorities. He campaigned for minority votes, asking, what have you got to lose? Everyone is winning with this president. The U.S. has the lowest unemployment rates for women in almost 20 years.

He's rolled back the oppressive values and policies of the Obama years -- Obama the Oppressor -- who apologized for America on a global scale, and who frittered away immense opportunities for our people.

Do you recall a single article in the New York Times or Washington Post or on 60 minutes criticizing Obama? Me either. Imagine what the left-wing national media would be doing to this great president if he weren't historic and was failing America like his predecessor rather than succeeding.

Trump is leading America and for that, I'm truly grateful. If you are as well, I hope you'll make your view known in 71 days. Your vote counts, just like it did two years ago. Think where we could have been, and how happy the national left-wing media would have been. Let's do some more winning.