LARRY KUDLOW: This is why Trump is winning

Biden is frozen in place, Kudlow says

Trump is winning over converts, while Biden is frozen in time and place and that's the subject of the Riff.  While Democrats argue amongst themselves over whether Barack Obama really did in fact have to escort Joe Biden off the stage at their big Hollywood fundraiser – not really a politically appetizing headline – a Black pastor told Donald Trump over the weekend that Obama and Biden "never came to the hood" in Detroit and that headline came a day after the Wall Street Journal story that top CEOs are flocking to Trump again in bid to shape agenda. 

The CEOs of course listened to Mr. Trump at the Business Roundtable, where he told them about his business-friendly tax cut and deregulation agenda, including "drill, baby, drill," permitting on energy projects and allowing educated foreigners and foreign-born college students in the U.S. to be given the chance to stay in the country – a separate matter from his tough "close the border" stance, but closing the border was very popular at the Detroit community roundtable event where Mr. Trump highlighted that the rush of open-border illegal immigration under Biden has taken away African American jobs. 

DONALD TRUMP: "Millions of illegal aliens are pouring in, and they're taking your jobs. The Black community is being hurt more by the illegal aliens. 16, 17 million. They're taking your jobs." 


Mr. Trump reminded his audience that unemployment for Black males hit a record low of 4.9% pre-pandemic. Whereas today, under Mr. Biden, that rate has jumped to 6.4%. Mr. Trump says he lifted 6.6 million people out of poverty and gave record funding to historically Black colleges and universities. 

Additionally, he emphasized his investor tax-free program of opportunity zones that leverage up the opportunities for Black- and minority-owned business. Crime, illegals and energy costs are just as big issues in minority communities as they are elsewhere and Mr. Trump also emphasized that he'll be cutting their taxes, while Biden raises them. 


In particular, the former President continued to tout his incredibly popular idea of tax-free tipping for service workers and others. That one is a potential home run for working-class and minority voters. Over the weekend, the Trump campaign also announced a "Black Americans for Trump" coalition, led by former HUD secretary Ben Carson, Dr. Alveda King, Ja'ron Smith, Congressman Byron Donalds, Scott Turner, Congressman Wesley Hunt, Senator Tim Scott and many others. 

So, while Joe Biden may be frozen in place and in time, Donald Trump is making some serious progress toward the Oval Office. 

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the June 17, 2024, edition of "Kudlow."