Kevin McCarthy: Biden, Pelosi are jeopardizing the infrastructure deal

"[Joe Biden] gave the entire country whiplash by going against it" says McCarthy

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed President Biden and House Speaker Pelosi on "Kudlow" Tuesday for jeopardizing any bipartisan agreement on infrastructure.

MCCARTHY: Joe Biden has jeopardized any ability to have a joint agreement on anything in the future. You watched him one minute sit with a bipartisan group of senators and say, I have an agreement, then turn around and gives the entire country whiplash by going against it, saying you've got to pass everything else. Pelosi, as you know, in dealing with her when you were in the administration, it's a very tough individual. The speaker has a lot of power in the House. And what she's saying is she will move nothing unless you give her five trillion dollars. So, in essence, Pelosi is also blowing up the agreement as well….

I sat down with the president in the Oval Office and he asked me, would we Republicans agree to a bipartisan infrastructure? And I said, if that's the question, the answer is yes. Then his next question to me was how much would you spend? I said, that's the wrong question. What we first should do is sit down and define what is infrastructure. Then once we define that, we could decide what the need is. And once you did find that you have to have NEPA reform so we don't wait 10 years to build the road, the bridge, the airport, or are the broadband that we need for this nation.