'It Chapter 2' scares-up unprecedented number of 'tie-in' sponsors for horror movie

Big corporations are showing that they are not at all scared of a silly clown with a red ballon.

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“It Chapter 2” has amassed an impressive group of corporate sponsors and advertising partners ahead of its September 6th premiere date.

The rated R movie - starring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Skarsgard as a freaky looking clown that terrorizes a small town - has partnered with major corporations like Carl’s Jr, Coldstone Creamery and AT&T to help promote the spooky sequel, according to reporting by Deadline.

Based on a novel by Stephen King, the first “It” horror film was so successful that the sequel is coming with a built-in fan base that is attractive to consumers. As a result of the movies' popularity, brands like Postmates, the food delivery app, will be offering an “Unhappy meal” to customers to help promote the film. Using the haunting imagery that made the first film successful, Postmates is planning on decorating a pop-up restaurant with red balloons along with a replica of the now-infamous paper boat used by Georgie in the first film.

The original flick was also rated R because of the violent nature of the film, and the sequel is expected to contain more gruesome death, carnage and disturbing imagery. But that hasn’t stopped 35 different companies worldwide from agreeing to promote the film, produced by Warner Brothers Studios and New Line Cinema.

“The fact that we were able to attract such an impressive group of partners speaks to the event status of the film franchise,” explains Gene Garlock, vice president of Warner Bros to Deadline, "and further highlights how these films have become iconic, must-see experiences on the big screen. Following the huge success of, “It” the brands joining us were eager to be aligned with such a powerhouse property.”

The remake of “It," released in September 2017, brought in $700 million at the box office while the sequel is expected to pull $100 million on opening weekend.

Carl’s Jr. will be replacing its famed Happy Star’s smiling face logo at 1,100 U.S. locations with the creepy clown known as Pennywise, the monster of the “It” franchise. Carl’s will also offer four collectible cups from the horror film to remind burger-loving fans that the film is releasing.

“It” has been able to attract partnerships outside of the US as well, with rideshare app DiDi in Mexico participating in a paid social media campaign and interactive scavenger hunt for customers. North of the border, Canadian movie fans will flock to coffee shop chain Country Style to participate in their “turn up to win It” cup that gives caffeinated horror film fans a chance to win prizes including a trip to Warner Bros, studios in California.


AT&T is getting involved as well, offering advanced screenings of the highly anticipated movie. Also, with the use of their loyalty program, AT&T THANKS, the media giant will be offering buy one get one free movie tickets for the film through a “TickIT Twosdays” promotion.

Appealing to the younger fan base, Cold Stone Creamery has developed a custom flavor to celebrate the sequel to theater-goers in Brazil. The ice cream shop will feature the spooky flavor at 8 locations in the southern hemisphere, and all customers who treat themselves to the sweet desert will also receive a ticket for the new movie.