Hasbro celebrates women with 'Ms. Monopoly' game -- and pays them more than men

Hasbro just released a new version of its classic Monopoly game which places women at the center of the action -- and pays them more than male players.

“Ms. Monopoly,” as the new game is called, aims to celebrate women trailblazers and “while Mr. Monopoly is a real-estate mogul, Ms. Monopoly (who is apparently Mr. Monopoly’s niece) is an advocate whose mission is to invest in female entrepreneurs,” according to Hasbro’s release statement.

Along with rolling out this new game, Hasbro recognized young female inventors and entrepreneurs with gifts of approximately $20,580 in real money “to fuel their inventive spirit and further their projects.”

Several changes have been made to the iconic board game for the new version. Some properties within the game have been replaced by groundbreaking women’s inventions and instead of building houses, players build business headquarters. Alterations have also been made to the in-game payment structure.

The toymaker also addresses real-world concerns over wage disparities between men and women, by disadvantaging male players in the game, saying “Ms. Monopoly is the first-ever game where women make more than men.”

Jen Boswinkel, Hasbro’s senior director for global brand strategy and marketing, says the company hopes to “recognize and celebrate the many contributions women have made to our society and continue to make on a daily basis.”