Conservative podcast returns to Spotify after reportedly being temporarily removed

Conservative millennial Allie Stuckey said her podcast called "Relatable" was briefly taken down from popular music-streaming service Spotify earlier this week, but reappeared early Friday morning.

The reported removal of Stuckey's podcast is the latest incident in a long line of suspected censorship of conservative ideas by big tech companies, like Facebook and Twitter.

"It wasn't just that a few episodes were gone," Stuckey told FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Friday. "The show, in its entirety, was gone."

When Stuckey, her podcast distributor, and her listeners reached out to Spotify for a solution, they reportedly responded by saying, "we are not able to comment on that at this time."

In Stuckey's opinion, the Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate speech" moderators flagged her podcast to be taken down for "offensive conversations."